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White Grubs in Soil

Grub Prevention & Control

Safeguard Your Lawn Against Grub Damage

Grub Control

White Grubs are the larvae of various types of beetles and can be identified by their white, c-shaped bodies and tendency to reside below the soil’s surface. These turf-damaging insects are known to chew off the roots of grass, causing extensive damage to home lawns. Weed Man’s preventative control treatments are the most effective remedy for stopping grubs in their tracks before damage occurs. Curative control treatments may be used in cases where grub damage is already present.

What To Expect:

  • Monitoring of Adult Beetles: Throughout the season, your professionally-trained lawn care technician will monitor the activity of adult beetles. Customers will be notified if there is a white grub alert in their neighborhood, in which case a preventative treatment will be recommended. 
  • Timely Application: Preventative treatments will be applied prior to egg-hatching season. Preventative grub control is usually applied in late summer or early fall to coincide with the grub life cycle. It is crucial for grub control to be applied at the correct time and under the right conditions for effective control. 
  • Effective Control: The product applied will effectively eliminate white grub larvae as they hatch and before they begin causing damage to your turf.


Signs of Grub Activity & Damage

white grub damage on lawn  What to look for:

  • Irregular brown patches in your lawn
  • Small animals such as raccoons and birds digging holes around your lawn
  • Damaged grassroots - turf rolls up like a carpet
  • The grass feels spongy when walking on it
  • The grass will be especially vulnerable to drought and other stressors

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